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North Dakota Assistive

Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)

Helping to set and implement goals.

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The purpose of the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) is to provide consumer-responsive, consumer-driven advice for planning of, implementation of, and evaluation of, the activities carried out through the AT Act, including setting measurable goals. 

Role of CAC

The Council will assure ND Assistive:

  • Is responsive to the consumer;
  • Includes persons with all disabilities and across all ages in every aspect of the program; 
  • Seeks meaningful consumer involvement at all levels of the project;
  • Provides statewide access to assistive technology and services;
  • Addresses assistive technology issues involving all settings (home, work, school, community, and play);
  • Collaboratively develops a long-range statewide plan for assistive technology in North Dakota.

Suggested activities of the Council may be:

  • Advising Assistive staff on whether the organizational services are meeting the needs of the people being served;
  • Provide viewpoints from other organizations, agencies, or constituents;
  • Provide liaison with regional community groups and other constituencies of Assistive;
  • Provide financial or other advice;
  • Help foster good public relations;
  • Serve on committees or task forces for specific objectives;
  • Assist in outreach to under-represented groups in North Dakota;
  • Assist in the evaluation of the consumer-responsiveness of state project activities as well as of subcontractors and other public and private agencies and making recommendations for improvements;
  • Having an influence with the legislature;
  • Identify barriers to providing assistive technology devices and services.


If you are interested in serving on the CAC, please contact 1-800-895-4728 or

Current CAC Members as of March 2, 2018

Brian and Cari Duncan, Sawyer

Debbie Holmes, Fargo

Connie Klein, Independence, Inc., Minot, ND

Tammy Mayer, Department of Public Instruction, Bismarck,

Janelle Olson, Protection & Advocacy, Williston, ND

Jillian Schaible, Bismarck

Sheryl Scioscia – Beard, Williston     

Debra Schlief, Thompson

Lexee Steffan, Dickinson

Ryan Volk, Workforce Development/Commerce, Bismarck

Patty Wanner, DVR Operations Administrator, Bismarck


Accessible CAC Membership Application: Download