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Cheap or Free Cellphone Adaptations for People with Disabilities! Part 3 Physical Access

Over the past 5 years, we have written about many technologies that can help people with disabilities use a cellphone independently. In the coming months, we thought we would bring it all together for you, to eventually create a reference guide for cellphone assistive technology. In the last post, we will provide you with a collective document that […]

Back to School: Lock it Up!

It’s time to think about going back to school.  There are the typical supplies needed: pencils, paper, calculators, binders, homework folders, etc.  If a student is entering junior high, there are many other things to consider: use of lockers, changing of classes, and implementation of new rules.  What if a student needs to use a […]

Cheap or Free Cell Phone Adaptions for People with Disabilities! Part 2 Vision

In the upcoming weeks we will continue our series in the area of assistive technology (AT) and adaptions for smart phones and basic cell phones for people with disabilities in the areas of physical, speech, hearing, vision or cognition. Last week in Part 1 we discussed accommodations for speech.  In this blog, Part 2, we […]

Back to School – 4 Week Countdown

It’s crazy to think that school is starting so soon; already we see all the stores with their Back to School Supplies Sales and Supply Lists. So basically in a month, many schools in North Dakota will be in full swing.  I came across a website of a nonprofit organization, Understood, that looks interesting.  Their […]

Cheap or Free Cellphone Adaptations for People with Disabilities! Part 1 Speech

For people with disabilities in the areas of physical, speech, hearing, vision, or cognition, there are many free or low-cost assistive technology devices and adaptations for smartphones and basic cellphones.  Many times the people we work with already have these technologies in their possession, and they don’t even know it! Last week, for example, we met with a woman […]

Mandan and Fargo Office Closures

The Mandan office will be closed Monday, July 23rd and, Tuesday, July 24th. The Fargo office with be closed  from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday, July 23rd and, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Tuesday, July 24th. The closures are due to our all staff meeting. Thank you for your understanding.

Two Adaptive Robotic Feeding Systems: A Comparison

So much of our lives center around food.  The importance of a family eating together has been well-documented and is part of our socialization as people.  But what about someone who is not able to eat on their own?  How does having a caregiver feed you everything that goes into your mouth affect that experience? […]

Happy Independence Day!

From ND Assistive to you, have a happy and safe 4th of July. As we celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day, lets also celebrate the independence made possible by Assistive Technology! BOTH THE MANDAN AND FARGO OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED JULY 4TH, 2018. THIS WEEK ESPECIALLY – PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT AS STAFF AVAILABILITY WILL […]

2% Fixed Rate Loans for Hearing Aids, Ramps, & More Assistive Technology!

Do you need to make your home more accessible by adding a roll-in shower,  purchase a modified van with a lift to operate a vehicle independently again,  finance new hearing aids so you can listen to your grand child’s concert, or purchase a video magnifier to read the newspaper again?  If questions like these apply to you, our […]

It’s As Easy As Learning To Ride A Bike!

Summer is officially here!  And for kids bicycles are part of summer fun. Bicycles represent an opportunity for independence, freedom, being active and having FUN.  But typically for kids with disabilities they never get to experience the fun of riding a two-wheel bicycle. Research shows that less than 20% of people with Autism and 10% […]

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