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A new “Gizmo” for people who may wander, and it’s available from Verizon!

Are you looking for a GPS device that will assist someone who has Alzheimer’s, autism, or a tramatic brain injury that will work also as a phone? The GizmoPal 2 watch from Verizon might be a possible solution.
I met a woman at the State Capitol’s Disabilities Day who had purchased the GizmoPal 2 watch for her son who has a disability and her granddaughter. She could not say enough about this product which gives her peace of mind locating and being able to talk with her son and granddaughter. This device is available from Verizon at $79 and a monthly charge of $5 if you have Verizon contract.
This product looks like a watch for kids; it comes in pink or teal but you can purchase other colored bands for extra fee. It is marketed to parents who don’t want their child to have a cell phone but want to be able to get in touch with the child. A parent/guardian can program up to 4 numbers the wearer can call and only those 4 numbers can call the one wearing the GizmoPal 2. It seems to be easy for the parent/guardian to set up the app on their phone and program in the numbers. The app is compatible with smartphones using Android™ 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher.

CUTE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fWeN333Zd0

GizmoPal watch from Verizon

Photo of GizmoPal watch in pink

– 2 Way calling up to 4 numbers
– GPS tracking (takes 1-3 minutes): A parent can set up GPS boundaries so he/she can be notified if wearer crosses them
– Auto answer: A parent can force an auto answer if GizmoPal 2 is not answered.
– Durable
– Micro USB charger
– Water resistant
– Easy to use


The reviews I read were quite helpful to explain the features and the concerns some parents had for this device. Most of the reviews were positive, and I even watched a news segment about a 9 year old Utah boy who was abducted and then jumped out of the vehicle and called his mom when he was hiding from the abductor. Below are some of the negatives from the reviews:
– GizmoPal 2 can be bulky for young child. Watch band would need to be expanded for an adult or purchase an accessory that allows the device to clip on to pants or jacket. This is an extra $49.
– Sometimes the buttons can be pushed accidentally.
– App cannot turn on watch if it gets shut off.
– Does not have 911 as an option.


Here are a couple of options I’d like to see on this device in the future:
• A wrist band with a locking mechanism so that the wearer cannot remove it.
• Completely waterproof so that it could be worn swimming or in a bathtub.


There is also a GizmoGadget device that has more features. This device is also available from Verizon at $149.99 and a monthly charge of $5 if you have Verizon contract. The extra features are the following:
– Can add up to 10 contacts.
– Has texting options and use of emojis.
– Has full screen on watch where you can choose options.
– Can set prerecorded messages.

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