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AIRA Glasses – Trained Eyes

My co-worker, Tami, and I went to the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego last month and there were so many AT (assistive technology) devices to see in the exhibit area and many great workshops on accessibility and AT.  One of the AT items I’ve been interested in for some time has been the AIRA glasses.  The AIRA company was at the conference and had several demonstrations.


Photo of Aira glasses and app on a device

Aira glasses and devices

So what is AIRA?  Basically, AIRA is somewhat like OnStar for people who are visually impaired.  It is a subscription service with trained agents who (when called) describe your surroundings using the camera built into the special glasses or your camera on your smartphone.



Check out this video on AIRA –


While I could describe this service, I found a blog from Jonathan Mosen who writes a blog and has a podcast called the Blind Side.  He, too, found the AIRA glasses at CSUN and wrote a wonderful description of his experiences with AIRA.  His comments are at http://mosen.org/aira/

Website for AIRA – https://aira.io/


For more information on AT devices and services please connect with Assistive at http://ndassistive.org/ or call 800-895-4728 to schedule an appointment with an AT consultant.

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