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Amplify Your Cell Phone at Home

The number of older American adults relying on their cell phones over the use of a landline to make calls at home is growing.  Those older American adults that have a hearing loss can now enjoy amplified calls using their existing cell phone service with an amplified phone at home.

Amplified Bluetooth phones are specialized phones that let you hear cell phone calls clearly in your home with or without a landline.  Amplified phones with Bluetooth now allow those individuals who depend on their cell phones as their basic communication device to benefit from the full range of amplification/frequency control, comfort, as well as features that the regular amplified landline phones have to offer.  These specialized features are not typically available on a cell phone.

When sharing your cell phone with a Bluetooth amplified phone comes many advantages:

  • Use the amplified phone to place calls using your cell phone line.
  • Answer calls on the Bluetooth amplified phone that were placed to your cell phone.
  • Switch use of amplified phone back and forth between cell and landline calls.
  • Charge your cell phone while talking on these Bluetooth amplified phones.
  • As long as the cell phone is within the Bluetooth range of the amplified phone, you don’t have to search for the cell phone to place or receive a call on the amplified phone.
  • Phones range from 40dB-50dB of amplification level, loud visual ringer, speaker phone, as well as tone control that allows for adjusting the frequency of the caller’s voice to better fit your hearing.

Below you will find 5 current amplified phone options to pair up with your Bluetooth cell phone.

Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TGM430B Amplified Bluetooth Phone

Panasonic Link2Cell Amplified Bluetooth Phone




  • Provides up to 40dB of amplification
  • Amplified digital answering machine
  • Pair up to 2 cell phones


Clarity XLC7BT Amplified Bluetooth Phone


Clarity Amplified Bluetooth phone






  • Provides up to 50dB of amplification
  • Talking caller ID and keypad
  • Pair up to 2 cell phones


Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone

Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone







  • Provides up to 40dB of amplification
  • Digital answering machine
  • Pair up to 2 cell phones


ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT Amplified Bluetooth Phone

ClearSounds iConnect Amplified Phone






  • Provides up to 50dB of amplification
  • Digital answering machine
  • 8 photo memory buttons on base, 4 memory buttons on handset


Serene Innovations HD-70 Amplified Bluetooth Phone

Serene Innovations Corded Amplified Phone







  • Provides up to 50dB of amplification
  • Only corded phone available that will connect cell phone via Bluetooth
  • 12 one-touch memory buttons
  • Has to be used with a landline

If you have a cell phone and have a hard time hearing on it, consider using one of these amplified Bluetooth phones for at home use.  Assistive contracts with the Aging Services Division, ND Department of Human Services to provide the ND Telecommunications Device Distribution (TEDS) Program.  This program can assist those who qualify to obtain any one of these phones.





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