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Another Way to Donate Your Voice!


A while back I wrote about an upcoming technology called Talkitt, a communication app that translates unintelligible, but consistent speech into an understandable computerized voice.  Voiceitt, the manufacturer, is still working on the software and is currently looking for people with consistent, unintelligible speech to provide recordings of their voice to the company to improve the Talkitt’s speech recognition capabilities. In exchange for this effort, the company will provide a free one year subscription of the Talkitt software to the individual.

If you feel your speech qualifies and you are interested in donating your voice, please download and install the Recorditt app to your iPhone or iPad, which has just been launched in the App Store. According to Danny Weissberg, Voiceitt’s CEO, it is a very simple app that collects individual voice recordings from users based on a specific set of words and phrases that are provided. These recordings will become a part of the Talkitt database and will help the company improve the accuracy of Talkitt’s speech recognition capabilities. For another way to donate your voice, please see Peggy’s article on VocalID from last week.

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