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iCanConnect Success Story – Bismarck, ND

~ The Story ~ A Bismarck, ND lady was experiencing significant age-related hearing and vision barriers. As a result, her daughter from Minnesota was unable to have fulfilling conversations over the phone with her.  Looking for a solution, her daughter reached out to IPAT to solve the issue in an attempt to also pull her […]

Collaboration On the Road

IPAT strives to work with others in our field because it is the best way to assure we deliver the best services possible. It is very simple – the more we put our heads together the better AT solutions we provide! Two specific entities we work with often are the ND School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf […]

IPAT Approved!

Here at IPAT we continually try our best to learn about the lasted and greatest assistive technology services and solutions. One way we stay up to date on new devices and services is through other amazing assistive technology blogs, and the Assistive Technology Blog is one of my personal favorites! Authored by Venkat Rao, the blog explores […]

Donors’ Dollars Making a Difference

Thanks to our generous donors, seven North Dakota residents have already received assistive technology (AT) awards through Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P)! The first round of P4P 2016 applications was reviewed in March, and recipients from Rolette to Sargent and Morton to Grand Forks counties were awarded AT funding. They ranged in age from 30 years […]

iCanConnect Helped A Woman Stay In Touch with Family and Friends

Freda boasts a long life full of many blessings including one of particular abundance – friends and family. When Freda experienced difficulty understanding others on the phone due to a hearing loss, her daughter Sue contacted IPAT and Freda received an amplified telephone through the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service. The amplification of the telephone alone […]

A ND Woman Stays out of a Nursing Home for $150!

According to a 2014 AARP study, 87% of seniors age 65+ want to stay in their current home and community.  In 2007, a rural North Dakota woman was feeling the same when she and her family sought a way to help her stay home after a hospitalization due to medication mismanagement. This woman’s healthcare worker […]

The Power of Lightning

An IPAT success story in which all the “pieces” fell into place . . . . Having worked hard on a farm in North Dakota for a number of years, Billy developed joint pain in his elbows. This caused barriers completing his daily activities on the farm, and Billy began seeing a physical therapist to […]

In the News – A Snapshot of IPAT Services

Just recently, KVRR news anchor Sarah Brechbill made a stop at the Fargo IPAT office to learn about what we do and who we serve. The piece KVRR news aired illustrated a wonderful snapshot of the power of assistive technology devices and services. In the piece Sarah featured Geraldine Oas, a woman with ALS who utilized […]

IPAT Will Never Forget this Group who Visited!

IPAT’s Home First Showroom is a ‘real home’ environment where people can explore and try out different types of assistive technology (AT) for independence and safety. Since the opening of the Home First Showroom, IPAT has hosted hands-on tours for many different entities including support groups, teachers, nurses, therapists, college students, and more. In October IPAT had a […]

Minot, ND iCanConnect Consumer Covers All Corners

As he prepared himself to leave Minot and travel back to his southern home this fall, Mitchell was concerned about his mother’s current communication equipment. Edith, Mitchell’s mom, had both vision and hearing barriers. At age 92, Edith battles glaucoma and macular degeneration along with being legally deaf. These factors made it near impossible for […]