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iPad Bluetooth Switch Access Disconnecting? Get Hooked!

We have been using Bluetooth switch interfaces with the Apple mobile devices and the built-in switch access for a few years with our clients here at IPAT.  We have found that in some instances, the switch interface’s Bluetooth connection with the iDevice disconnects frequently, and the individual does not have the support system to get it […]

Meet Lucy….A Keyboard That Can Change Lives

A woman named Janine with cerebral palsy created: “Lucy,” an efficient hands free keyboard especially designed for individuals without hand function.  It’s operated with a small laser lamp beam pointed at the keyboard’s letters for a short, adjustable time.  The user can activate it without the need to push anything.  The laser is mounted on […]

Use Assistive Technology? Not too Late to Upgrade to Windows 10!

Have you been delaying your Windows 10 upgrade because your assistive technology (AT) has not caught up with the future? Then take a deep breath and relax.  According to Microsoft, even if you missed the July 29, 2016 deadline AND you use assistive technology, you can still upgrade. Once you are ready, you can go […]

A Portable, Affordable Sit-Stand Desk Solution: VARIDESK

There are many reasons employees would benefit from being able to frequently change position from sitting to standing throughout the day.  For many individuals who have hip replacements, back injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other issues, the ability to use a sit-stand desk can mean the difference between full and part-time employment to not working at all. Traditional sit-stand desks, whether powered […]

Are Your Tweets Accessible?

If you are a Twitter user and you use it for work, make sure you are taking some simple steps to ensure that the content of your tweets is accessible to readers with disabilities. A quick Twitter overview: it is a popular social networking tool that allows users to send ‘tweets’, short text-based messages up to […]

Technology to Help Us with our Technology: Vivosmart!

Smartphones can be a great tool for many people to help them remember to do things, stay on task, and organize their lives. These mobile devices can make self-management possible for many people, especially those with brain injury, PTSD, autism, ADHD, and many other disabilities where self management is affected. But what happens when you need help managing the […]

Trouble Writing in Forms? Let the ScanWritr App Help!

Do you have trouble filling out worksheets, tests and forms with handwriting due to fine motor issues, arthritis, dysgraphia, or other disabilities?  Is typing easier for you than writing? If you answered “YES” to either of these questions, then Scanwritr might be just what you need. Just like the Snaptype app that Peggy wrote about last year, the Scanwritr app allows one to take […]

How’s your Phorm? A Tactile Morphing Keyboard/Case for the iPad!

For some, the ability to feel the keys when typing is a must, which can make using mobile devices very frustrating!  External Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard/cases are bulky and not that portable.  You pretty much need to use it on a table.  For this reason, I am very excited to try Phorm! Phorm provides a smooth […]

Simplify Your Computer with Eldy!

Eldy is a software that turns any standard PC… …into an easy-to-use computer for people that have never used a computer before, or for people who find using a computer too difficult.Eldy provides an easy six button interface for email, internet, chat, television, documents, pictures, Skype and more.   Upon finding Eldy, I thought this […]

Touch-Free Smartphone ~ “Open Sesame”

Finally, FINALLY someone has developed a truly hands-free smartphone that I can use. I’ve been waiting for this technology for 15 years. ~ Rick Frame from the United States This quote stuck as I was researching the Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone. It was a quote that resonated patience, possibly frustration, and ultimately victory! The Sesame Phone […]