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The Top Five Assistive Technology Needs for Aging According to our Audience

To close out Older Americans Month,  I thought we would revisit our top five most visited blogs regarding assistive technology devices for people who aging since we started blogging in 2012.  These posts involve assistive technology (AT) to help a person communicate and be safe and independent in the home of their choice.


5-Accessible Kitchen Features

Back in April 2016, we discussed all of the features you should consider when adapting or building an accessible kitchen, featuring our own Home First Center Kitchen in Fargo.


4-Be Heard with Voice Amplification

Many people have voices that can no longer be heard due to disorders such as Parkinson’s and ALS.  This article discusses several voice amplification systems on market.

simple music players

3-Music Player for People with Dementia and Beyond 

We have had several requests over the years for easy music playing devices and radios from relatives of persons who are experiencing dementia, memory loss, etc.. This blog discusses a couple of devices that allow for music to be played or the radio to be heard all with one step for the end user.

ClearSounds-CSC600ER-Amplified-SOS-Alert-Phone (1)

2-No Monthly Fee Emergency Alerting Systems-a Comparison Matrix 

Many people need an emergency alert system such as Lifeline, but cannot afford a monthly fee. This article features a matrix of four devices that will alert the friends or relatives and/or 911 without a monthly fee.


1-Cooking Safely: Never Forget to Turn Off the Range

The number one ND ASSISTIVE Blog post of over 600 posts, regarding people who are aging, involves keeping our loved ones cooking independently, but safely. It discusses several stove shut-off devices for those with memory loss or who get distracted and leave things cooking on the stove.

If you have questions on any of this AT or would like to see it in action, please contact us at 1-800-895-4728 or info@ndassistive.org.

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