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Assistive Technology Is Not for the Weak!

Phrases I hear too often…

“I hope I’ll never need Assistive Technology (AT).”

“I don’t need AT because someone else does that task for me.”

“I could use AT, but I won’t because it will make me stick-out from the crowd.”

These perceptions of Assistive Technology hold people back. And guess what? If you plan to live well into your golden years YOU WILL eventually need AT. I’m here to prove that AT IS FOR EVERYONE and Assistive Technology is not for the weak.


Assistive Technology users are people who complete something they set their minds to.


Assistive Technology users want to live to their fullest potential and help others do the same.


Assistive Technology users are parents who need to take care of their family, and will do so by doing whatever it takes.


Assistive Technology users want to live as independently as possible.


Assistive Technology users excel at school so they can change the world.


Assistive Technology users are entrepreneurs, innovators, and people you want to hire!


Assistive Technology users are Veterans who have fought for our freedom.


Assistive Technology users are the hardest working people we know, and nothing can hold them back.


Assistive Technology users work SMARTER not HARDER.


Assistive Technology users love their homes and will make smart choices to stay in their home and OUT of a nursing home.


Assistive Technology users strive to help their family members and caregivers through the use of AT.

In short, Assistive Technology is for strong minded people who want to live life to the fullest! 

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