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Assistive Technology: Know About It Before You Need It!


I will never forget, about 15 years ago, hearing the following from a teary-eyed consumer,  “If I had only known about this locked medication dispenser, I never would have put my dad into a nursing home! Medication was the only reason he couldn’t live in his own home.”  At that point in my work at IPAT, it became very clear to me that there is no wrong audience for us to spread the word of Assistive Technology (AT).

In their lifetime, most every person on the planet will either know someone who needs AT, or they will need AT themselves.  The trick is, though, to “Know about Assistive Technology before you need it!”

  • Know about AT before you make a life-changing decision such as nursing home placement after a medication overdose.
  • Know about AT before you give up on going back to work after a traumatic brain injury.
  • Know about AT before you give up on succeeding in college even though you have autism or a learning disability.
  • Know about AT before you give up on having a “voice” after a stroke.
  • Know about AT before you stop communicating with your family on the phone after an age related hearing loss.
  • Know about AT before you give up using a computer or iPad even though you have Parkinson’s or quadriplegia.

If you want to “Know about Assistive Technology Before you need it”, sign up to receive this blog on a regular basis and/or contact IPAT at 1-800-895-4728 or info@ndassistive.org. Schedule a tour or demonstration at one of our Home First Demonstration Centers in Mandan or Fargo.  If you already Know about AT and all of its benefits, spread the word!

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