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Scott Weissman is an Assistive Technology Professional with IPAT, providing services in relation to technology for aging and disability.

Vocational Rehabilitation for AT

              The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is a public service financed by federal and state funds. The aim of DVR is to help people with disabilities find employment and achieve self-sufficiency. DVR can fund assistive technology (AT) devices and services for individual clients. Typically, DVR funding is used to purchase AT […]

iOS 8 Guided Access

  The guided access accessibility feature is not new to iOS but it received some nice updates with iOS 8. If you are not familiar with guided access it is an accessibility feature that when turned on keeps the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in a single app, with the ability to mask out areas […]

Text-to-Speech with ClaroSpeak

The availability of text-to-speech apps has become one of the areas that is increasingly popular with app developers. There is a reason for that. The applications for this type of tool can be helpful for a variety of reasons, e.g. learning disability, vision loss, communication needs. The recently updated ClaroSpeak is another option provided by […]

Is that Google Glass? No, It’s the OrCam!

Vision loss can be very difficult. For those born with no vision or individuals with an eye condition like macular degeneration or glaucoma, interacting with the world takes a special set of skills and patience. Fortunately there are assistive technology devices that can make this interaction possible and lead to functionality once not thought possible. […]

5 Devices to Solve Everyday Challenges

Day-to-day life can become frustrating if the little things are weighing you down. Below we will take a look at everyday challenges and some simple mainstream assistive technology to provide help. Wireless Switch Outlet Turning on lamps can become difficult for some because of the need to see the switch under the lamp shade and also […]

Assistive Technology Blogs

AT IPAT we take pride in providing assistive technology information that is enjoyable, interesting, and timely. So as much as we hope you enjoy the content that we provide, there are also other great resources out there.  Below you will find links to a variety of my favorite blogs. If I didn’t mention your blog, […]

Why Being an Assistive Technology Professional is Great!

The assistive technology profession can be summed up like most great things. It’s rewarding but frustrating. Challenging but exhilarating. Inspiring and at the same time vexing. Technology is available for so many that could benefit yet they cannot afford it, and individuals that could be successful using a device may be resistant to trying it. […]

Freedom Alert- An Emergency Alert System That Provides The Help You Need

What is it? The Freedom Alert is a two-way emergency communicator. With a push of a button on the  wearable pendant, users can talk directly to relatives, neighbors, friends or a 911 operator to get emergency help. How does it work? By pushing the pendant button, the pendant sends a signal to the base unit, […]

Apps for Seniors

More and more seniors are embracing the mobile technology revolution. They have embraced the technology and want to be able to engage like everyone else. This has been demonstrated at recent training I have provided at Touchmark on West Century (see picture below). Although  individual’s needs and wants may be different there are some basic […]

How Has Assistive Technology Impacted Your Life?

Working with assistive technology on a daily basis, we get to see the potential it has. We want to provide you an opportunity to let everyone know how assistive technology has impacted your life. If you are an end user, tell us how a particular device has changed the way you do things. If you […]