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Be Ready to Remain at Home – IPAT Can Help!

The word is out, Americans want to remain in their own home, surrounded by familiar people and belongings as they age. They want to stay in the neighborhood they know, surrounded by neighbors they trust. What’s more, the demands of being actively engaged in every-day home related tasks may actually serve to maintain independence and stability. It is aging-in-place, and it’s a win-win!

How can you achieve this win-win? You can plan ahead to make your home more user-friendly by making basic home modifications and adding assistive technology (AT) devices. Don’t know where to start? Trained IPAT staff can help you begin the planning process by completing a Home First consultation. Together we can explore potential modification and AT device ideas that will keep you in control and enjoying life to the fullest right at home.

No successful remain-at-home plan can be a one-size-fits-all, because your abilities and home present unique challenges to function and safety. This is where IPAT expertise is needed. We will help you think beyond a widened doorway or a grab bar in the bathroom. We understand the limits of aging and can identify areas of your home that are not working well for you, and more importantly offer solutions.

Maybe you aren’t hearing the phone ring, or the voice of the TV newscaster like you used to; maybe arthritis is making getting out of bed, opening a jar or dressing difficult; maybe it is hard to read your mail, follow a recipe, or pay bills due to low vision. If these examples sound familiar, know that they can all be accomplished using the right AT devices. Don’t sell yourself short and move before you explore your in-home options.

We have helped a number of North Dakota residents assess their homes, and the the comments we hear most often afterward are: “We should have done this years ago.”; “I didn’t even know a device like this existed to help me.”; and; “We can do this, and it won’t break the bank.” When it is time to reassess your home as abilities change, a little help from IPAT’s Home First services can go a long way. Act before a crisis hits, and your home will be ready to serve you for a lifetime.

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