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Bike Team Dollars Making a Difference

With less than a month to go, it is time to gear up for Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P)! For those of you who already belong to a P4P bike team, thank you! Remember, now is the time to connect with your team captain and begin raising those dollars. The more you raise the greater your chances are to win an iPad!

If you are not part of a bike team but would like to learn more about this IPAT fund raising event, come to our P4P Kick-off & Questions Meeting on January 23rd from 12 – 1 pm. It will be held at the Fargo IPAT office (3240 15th Street South – Suite B) and a light lunch will be provided. Everyone is invited – old riders, new riders, and future riders. Please let Trish know to expect you so your light lunch will be ready by emailing tfloyd@ndipat.org or calling 1-800-895-4728.

It is each rider’s dedication and commitment to raising money before race day that makes hosting the event worthwhile. After all, it is the amount of money each rider brings in on race day that pooled together determines how many assistive technology (AT) device needs can be met. Taking into account that P4P’s sole purpose is to raise money to buy AT devices, then it truly is the riders that make it happen! It is every person on every bike team that makes P4P a success, so plan on riding with us to make our February 8, 2014 event the most successful yet.

To help understand where the dollars you raise go, here are a few AT device purchases that past P4P events have made possible. These are real outcomes, and you can be proud to share them with individuals or businesses that you are requesting funds from!

People whose “possibilities” were realized through P4P funds: 

  • 22 year old with Attention Deficit Disorder from Burleigh County, received an iPod Touch to help get to appointments and classes on time, make to-do lists, and remain organized throughout the day.
  • 44 year old with a Closed Head Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Cass County, received an unlocked smartphone, mounting plate, and apps to help with communication.
  • 9 year old with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy from Clay County, received a stander with a lift assist to help maintain bone mass and density.
  • 50 year old with Multiple Sclerosis from Stark County, received vehicle hand controls to continue driving and maintain independence.
  • 55 year old with a significant vision loss from Williams County, received a hand-held video magnifier and ID Mate bar code reader to read menus, medicine bottles, grocery items, CD titles, and mail.

Requests for AT continue to exceed the funds available, so grab your team, create a team, attend the P4P Kickoff & Questions Meeting, and together let’s make some possibilities!  



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