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Brain Injury Awareness Month

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March is a time to conduct awareness on brain injury and recognize that more than 5 million Americans or more than 13,000 North Dakotans currently live with a disability as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

TBI is the result of external trauma to the head or violent movement of the head such as from a fall, car crash, being shaken or being struck by/running into something.

TBI symptoms can vary greatly in degree by injury and from person to person no matter the age.  TBI can result in cognitive, emotional, sensory and motor impairments.  Due to the various levels of TBI, a wide range of assistive technology (AT) is available to help make a difference in lives of people with TBI.  It can be as simple as a large print calendar to record daily routines, appointments and events, or it can include more of a high-tech AT device such as screen reading software.

So many individuals with TBI and their families are unaware of all the AT options for any person of any level of disability to increase their independence and safety.

I have included a few blogs that we have done on AT that address needs of those with a brain injury.

Memory Aids:

Access Information:

Stop by our booth on April 10-11 at the Mind Matter Conference on Brain Injury held in Fargo.  We will be exhibiting several AT devices that can help support individuals after a brain injury.

For more information on AT devices and services please connect with Assistive at www.ndassistive.org or call 800-895-4728 to schedule an appointment with an AT consultant.

Other resources available with excellent information include: North Dakota Brain Injury Network (www.ndbin.org), Brain Injury Association, Inc. (www.biausa.org), Brain Injury Society (www.bisociety.org) and the Brain Trauma Foundation (www.braintrauma.org).

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