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Calibowl: a Non-Spill Bowl


Calibowl_various sizes and colors


Having the right adaptive dinnerware can make all the difference in a meal.  Adaptive dining products come in a variety of designs to help make mealtime easier and encourage independent feeding.

Introducing the Calibowl, the non-spill bowl.  Calibowl’s inner-lip guides food back into the bowl and onto the utensil eliminating over-the-edge spills, providing better food control.

this picture shows a person scooping a chip with a Calibowl vs a regular bowl


The Calibowl was developed by surfers and inspired by the wave they ride.  The concave design of the bowl is a wave-like transition in the inner edge/lip of the bowl allowing control of the content.  The Calibowl is ideal for those with motor skill issues or for those learning to eat.

Other Calibowl features include:

  • Come in multiple sizes and colors.
  • Several accessories include lids and a non-slip suction bottom preventing bowl to move.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with non-toxic, BPA free recycled plastic.

To see the Calibowl or other adaptive plate and bowl products, contact at 1-800-895-4728 or email info@ndassistive.org.


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