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CapTel 2400i

Captel 2400i Captioning Phone

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CapTel’s 2400i – An Innovative Phone with Captions

CapTel telephones are, at many times, a wonderful solution for people with hearing loss. For those not familiar with CapTel, these phones work the same as any other telephone, but they display the words...

Help! I Can’t Hear On the Phone!

  I can't hear on the phone. Its hard for me to understand some voices on the phone. I can't understand people on the phone because they speak too quickly. It doesn't matter how loud the phone...

CapTel App for Smartphones

Many of our readers and consumers are familiar with a CapTel Captioned Telephone, which is a phone that displays the words a caller says throughout the conversation. However, one particular IPAT consumer...

99-year-old woman uses technology to continue living in her own home

I recently had the opportunity to work with “Mary” and her caregiver to talk about ways for her to stay safe at home. Mary has a hearing loss and her caregiver mentioned that she was not answering...

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