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Comparing Communication Apps Made Simple

Small Talk, Proloquo2go, GoTalk, Touch Chat AAC apps

Four communication apps for iOS devices

The explosion of  applications to help people without a voice communicate using an iPhone or iPad can leave you feeling shell-shocked. To help you get a handle on the multitude of apps and move you toward systematically selecting the right AAC application, Jane Farrell has created a comprehensive AAC app comparison chart.

She does a terrific job of sorting apps into three distinct categories; Symbols and Pictures Only, Symbols and Text-to-Speech, and Text-based Apps. Then within those categories she identifies the application, cost, device platform, symbol system, pre-programmed pages and customization options, voice output/speech descriptions, and access options. Lastly, she provides a rating system between 0 and 3 stars.

If you are charged with identifying possible communication apps for use on an iPhone or iPad, this comparison chart provides a great starting place. Jane also updates the list regularly so it will remain a relevant resource.

Don’t forget, if there is an app you are interested in, check with IPAT to see if we have it available for trial use through our Equipment Rental Program 800-895-4728. Do you have a favorite AAC app for an iPad or iPhone? Let us know what it is and we will try add it to our holdings.

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2 Comments on “Comparing Communication Apps Made Simple”

  • Susan Kohler December 28th, 2013 7:30 am

    I have written an AAC app called UCanTalk that I think you may be interested in. I am interested in getting feedback on my work, and am most willing to revise this app and or write new ones that will be useful to the AAC community. I write apps as a hobby, and want to write ones that will be useful to others.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  • IPAT January 2nd, 2014 9:41 am

    Hi Sue-I would love to check out your new app. Would you please email me the information: jmkrull@ndipat.org
    Thanks! Jeannie Krull