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Couple “Gets By” in Their Home With a Little Help from Their IPAT Friends, and Others!

One blessing of working at IPAT, is the opportunity it provides to build relationships with consumers across ND.

I’ve recently come to know a Fargo couple, who remain in their own home after 70+ years of marriage!  They are a modest pair with no interest in the limelight, so I won’t speak of them personally. But their journey together provides insight into community resources that help people stay connected to family and friends, and remain safe in their homes, longer.

This couple got married in 1945, and raised four children, while living on and operating their farm.  They have always owned their own home, and have utilized two IPAT contracted services to gain devices that help them stay there.  The Assistive Safety Device Distribution Service helped them attain an Upeasy Power Chair , a 3X Designer Folding Reading Magnifier,  a  DuroMed Step Stool with Handle for safely reaching items in high places,  and a Tri-Pod Cane.

ND’s Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service assisted them in receiving a free amplified telephone years ago,

and most recently a Captel telephone.    The couple appreciates the phone system greatly and “doesn’t know what they would have done without IPAT.”

The couple attributes the longevity of their marriage to a few things:  “just getting along with eachother, making due, and being happy with what you have.”  I think their proactive approach and hard work has also contributed to their long life together.  They haven’t been timid about seeking out services through IPAT, Meals on Wheels, and Senior Ride Services, in the Fargo area.  This has helped them in three important areas of life:  safety and communication, proper nutrition, and transportation.

They discovered IPAT when an aquaintance suggested it, after they spoke of their frustration with their regular phone at the time being almost useless, due to hearing loss.  If you know someone who should “discover” IPAT, please contact us.  We are the only program in ND helping people of all ages, even 91 and 95, use AT to do what they want to do, where and when they want to do it.

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