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Did You Get That? Two-Way Call Button Pagers for Piece of Mind

Two=Way Serene Pagers with front and side view with on/off switches for sound and strobe

We have recommended call button pagers such as the Caregiver Call Pager and the Wireless Personal Pager for people with disabilities to notify their caregivers within the same household for years. However, picture this scenario-man with a disability wants to notify his wife who is doing laundry in the basement. He pushes the button, but is not sure she received the message because she does not come right away. This causes him anxiety and prompts him to keep pushing the button.  The wife is feeling guilty because she cannot get there right away nor does she have a way to notify him with this one-way pager.

Enter the Serene Two-Way Personal Paging System.  With this system, the person in need pushes one of the pagers and the other person receives a beeping sound and/or vibration with a flashing strobe.  The receiver pushes the button on their device to stop the beeping and the person in need receives a a one buzz confirmation.   “Easy peasy”.

The devices are identical, so the notifying can be done with either device.  They each have a 150 feet range, strobe light, micro USB charging port, and rechargeable batteries. Both the strobe and beeping sound can be turned off separately and each can be accessed with an external switch with the built-in auxiliary port. They also sport a belt clip and wrist lanyard.

What I Like

  • Strobe light
  • Vibration
  • Alternative switch input
  • Two-Way Paging system
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • No Monthly fee

What I Wish for the Future

  • A single charging cord with a duo micro USB cord that would charge both chargers at the same time.
  • A longer range; 300 feet would be nice.

See the video below to see how this works. To see a live demonstration of this Paging System, contact IPAT at 1-800-895-4728 or ipatinfo@ndipat.org.

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