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Does My Cell Phone Have Bluetooth?


The Basics About Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth?

The ability to connect one Bluetooth enabled piece of technology to another through a short range wireless connection. (Learn more here.)

What do you use Bluetooth for?

Bluetooth is found in cell phones, tablets, computers and more. It can:

  • Connect two devices together, such as a cell phone to a wireless headset.
  • Exchange data between two devices. For example, send a photograph from a cell phone to a computer.
  • Send out information from one device to another. For example, music from your phone to a wireless speaker.

How do I know if my device has Bluetooth?

Most cell phones, tablets, laptops, or computers sold today are Bluetooth enabled. To be sure, either reference the product’s manual, or call the manufacturer for more information. Otherwise, check the Bluetooth product directory to see if your device is Bluetooth enabled. To see Bluetooth devices released in the past 30 days visit Bluetooth’s new product page.


Bluetooth Enabled Assistive Technology for the Cell Phone

Below are a few examples of Bluetooth enabled accessories for the cell phone. If you have a specific need for telephone or cell phone amplification, feel free to contact IPAT.

Serene Innovations HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier SA-40

  • This device connects to an individual’s cell phone, amplifying incoming calls up to 40 dB. HearAll also provides an extra loud ring so a call is never missed. Users will carry both their cell phone and this device. When they receive a call, both their cell phone and the HearAll cell phone amplifier rings. Users answer the call on the HearAll cell phone amplifier to receive loud and crisp conversations.
HearAll cell phone amplifier

ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT Amplified Phone with Expansion Handset

  • The Clear Sounnds iConnect phone can pair with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. This phone amplifies sound up to 50 dB and features tone control.

ClearSounds iConnect amplified phone with expansion

Trellie Bluetooth Cell Phone Alert Signalers

  • A cell phone signaling accessory that can be attached to an individual’s keys or handbag. Trellie visually notifies individuals of incoming calls on their mobile phone with blue and white flashing LED lights. Missed calls switch to a slower intermittent blue flash. This will continue until a call is placed or received. Individuals manually stop it by pressing the Trellie button on the device, or after one hour has elapsed.

Trellie Bluetooth Cell Phone Alert Signalers


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