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EMMA – a wearable invention that could change the life of someone with tremors

The Big Life Fix inventors in their workshop

There is a new program on the BBC entitled “The Big Life Fix” which pairs an inventor with someone in need to tackle real life problems.  The first episode featured Emma Lawton, a graphic designer who suffers from Parkinson’s disease with inventor Haiyan Zhang.  In the past Haiyan worked on a cutlery product for people with tremors and so was a good match for this challenge.

With her tremors, Emma found drawing as a graphic designer extremely frustrating and almost impossible.  After visiting with Emma, Haiyan’s challenge seemed to hinge on the ability to bypass or counteract Emma’s tremors and allow her to put pen to paper.  After months of research and testing, Haiyan presented Emma with her very own device that allows Emma to draw straight lines and even write her name.  The device is just a prototype and the hope is that a company will pick up where Haiyan left off and develop this commercially.

Just a fair warning, you will probably shed a tear after watching this video.


If you have Parkinson’s and you are interested in getting involved with any potential research and development of this product, please email the program with your full name, contact number and email address to: emmaswatch@studiolambert.com

The BBC program was so interesting, I got hooked on watching all the episodes; many of the episodes feature people with disabilities overcome large hurdles.  I dare you to watch and not be touched.


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2 Comments on “EMMA – a wearable invention that could change the life of someone with tremors”

  • Mary Elms September 20th, 2017 10:33 am

    Have essential tremors my whole life. I NEED this Emma device to be able to write and eat again without all the shaking. Please, how can I get on the list to get one when available? Thank You.

  • Trish Floyd October 23rd, 2017 3:51 pm

    Hi Mary, as of now Microsoft has not announced the release of the watch or how to get on a waiting list to try one.