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Family Vacation Time? Theme Parks with Special Needs in Mind

Carousel Summer is here, and for many that includes plans for a family vacation. While at the Autism Walk in Bismarck recently, a family asked me if I could direct them to any theme parks where accommodations for children with disabilities were available. This was a new question for me, and even though it is not directly related to assistive technology, I found the topic a worthy blog post.

The most comprehensive information I found identified 38 theme parks in the USA and one in the UK. Each park offers something unique to that park, from special needs access passes to free admission. To see what is available and where, click here. The closest theme park to North Dakota offering an accommodation for people with special needs is Valleyfair and Soak City in Shakopee, Minnesota.

IPAT does not endorse any of the theme parks listed, we just offer this blog as a possible starting point for families planning a vacation. If you do visit one of the parks, let us know your findings. We get calls on all topics, and by sharing your experience you may help a family searching for a similar experience.

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