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Fun Switch Toy that Creates Art – the Color Bug!

Switch adapted toys help kids with varying types of disabilities imagine, dream, problem solve, learn, and develop new skills through play! These toys are a crucial part of child development and come in many shapes and sizes; toys that light up, move, flash, sing, make music, interact, and more.

Every so often, I am lucky enough to try an adapted toy out and today I got to play with the Color Bug! This wireless switch controlled device was so much fun to use!

It can be used as a remote control device to cruise around, or for creating art! The main unit is in the shape of a Lady Bug. When users want to create art, they place any standard marker in a hole near the front of the main unit. Once the marker is placed, users control the device with a large light touch control switch. Depending on where the large switch is touched, the Color Bug will move left, right, forward, or backward.

Children of varying abilities can easily use this device. Even if they are unable to control the Color Bug’s directional versatility, they will get a thrill out of its speed and movement – I know I did! Take note that the large light touch control switch does not have any additional ports to adapt other switches for use. Also, I would recommend using washable markers with this device in case the Color Bug runs off the page!

My first creation made by the Color Bug!

Picture of the Color Bug main unit, and remote sitting on a piece of paper with markings created by the Color Bug.

If you or someone you know are a North Dakota resident with a disability and would like to try out the Color Bug you can by renting it through IPAT’s Equipment Loan Library!


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