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How to Set Up Bluetooth Switch Controls with an iPad

IPAT receives calls daily from people using assistive technology (AT). An AT call currently popping up is from families, therapists and teachers looking for help setting up a Bluetooth switch to control an iPad. While preparing this blog to address that question, I came across a wonderful resource that provides step-by-step directions and a YouTube video for the commonly used Blue2 Switch by ablenet.

But before sharing it, for those who are unsure of how to pair a Bluetooth switch with the iPad go to: 1) Settings/General/Bluetooth, 2) Turn on Bluetooth, 3) Pair, 4) Connect.

Once you have the device paired, you may want to make using the switch easier by setting up the Accessibility Shortcut. This will allow you to triple click the home button to turn the switch control on/off without going back to the settings each time. To set this up go to: 1) Settings/General/Accessibility, 2) Scroll down to the bottom for Accessibility Control Shortcut, 3) Check Switch Control.

Now, I would like to thank Cindy Nankee, OTR/L, ATP for creating and sharing this video how-to for setting up switch control using the Blue2 Switch and iPad iOS.

In a nutshell, here are the steps to set up Switch Control Settings, go to: 1) Settings/General/Accessibility/Interaction/Switch Control (do not turn on switch control now – wait until you are done selecting the switch settings) while in Switch Control, select Switches/Add New Switch/External/Activate Switch/Name Switch/Assign Switch Action. Repeat for each switch you are adding. Close by returning to your home screen, and then use the triple click Accessibility Shortcut to turn on the switches.

If this AT iPad access method is of interest to you, remember IPAT has iPads and the Blue2 switch available for demonstration and rental.

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  • Intech July 26th, 2015 8:25 pm

    Nice! Thank you for the set-up steps!