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IPAT Attends National Federation of the Blind of ND Meeting

IPAT had the privilege of presenting at the National Federation of the Blind of North Dakota (NFBND) state convention on September 19th. Also attending the event were representatives from the ND State Library, ND Department of Human Services, and the ND School for the Blind and Vision Services. Everett Bacon, President of the NFB-Utah addressed everyone regarding a national report of the NFB. According to their website, the NFBND’s purpose is to integrate the blind of ND and the nation into society on a basis of equality with sighted neighbors through innovative and exciting initiatives. An interesting topic discussed was the NFB Newsline app, which is a service providing accessible reading materials such as newspapers and magazines. The below video about NFB Newsline was created by a former student of the ND School for the Blind and Vision Services. Although it is not available for North Dakota publications, there is an initiative to bring this service into the hands of ND citizens. IPAT would like to thank the NFBND for the invite to this year’s state convention!

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