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Check Out The Home First Showroom App for the iPad!

Have you heard about IPAT’s Home First Showroom but haven’t been able to visit, yet?  Now you can explore the featured assistive technology (AT) remotely – in the comfort of your own home!  We have been working with Usman Khan and Samee Khan, from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at North Dakota State University, to create an app of our Home First Showroom for the iPad.  The app includes videos and information about the AT devices on display in the Home First Showroom.

The app includes pictures of the rooms and various areas of the Home First Showroom as seen in the image below:

 Home First Showroom App Screen Shot

You can tap on any room that you wish to explore.  Once you have selected a room you will see the Home First Icon Home First  Icon placed near pieces of AT.

 Home First Showroom App Screen Shot

Tap the Home First Icon to watch a video that provides further information about that piece of AT.

 Home First Showroom App Screen Shot

To find out where you can purchase the AT on display, or to get an approximate price, check out our equipment listing.  If you want to download the Home First Showroom App click here, or click the icon below!

 Download on the App Store Badge

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2 Comments on “Check Out The Home First Showroom App for the iPad!”

  • Kevin June 27th, 2014 7:42 am

    Shame it didn’t start with a website and then moved on to mobile platforms.
    Once more people in AT make the mistake of thinking that things have to be Apple to be cool.
    They would be much cooler if they were offered on all platforms – lower costs are what make things more accessible to people.

  • IPAT June 27th, 2014 8:57 am

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment. I understand your thinking, the choice to go with an iOS app first was born out of the expertise that our collaboration with North Dakota State University has. Our plans are to offer an Android version in the future but we had to start somewhere.