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Keep Track of Your Loved Ones with Silver Mother

Silver Mother Independence Monitoring

Silver Mother Independence Monitoring

Medical alerts such as Phillips Lifeline are a great safety solution, but what happens if an incident occurs and your loved one is unable to push the emergency button? They could be without help for a very long time.  No news is not good news!

Enter SilverMother. This unobtrusive monitoring system allows you to detect a problem even if your loved one can’t push the medical alert and all without a monthly fee.

Silver Mother consists of 2 parts, a Mother hub and her Cookies. The Cookies attach to items that your loved uses every day such as the fridge door, the pitcher of water, the pill bottle, and the TV remote.  When thesilver mother applicationse items are moved or tilted, such as when a pill bottle is opened, the Cookies send a signal to the Mother hub which is connected to the home’s WiFi.  The Cookies also have thermometers in them to detect the temperature of the room, which is also sent to the hub. The hub then sends a signal via the internet to your smartphone that lets you know your loved one has completed another portion of their daily routine at a comfortable room temperature.

The notifications from Silver Mother can be delivered through text, email, or app notification(on Android and Apple phones). If you do not get any notifications during a period of time when your loved one is typically active and moving, then you would contact them to make sure they are okay.

I think that there are applications for Silver Mother and similar devices as stand alone monitoring systems, as well as,  in addition to a medical alert system. Please see the website and video below for more information. Stay tuned for an update on this monitoring system once we obtain it in the next few months.


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