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Losing “Stuff”? Find it With Tile!

Have something that always seems to disappear – keys, phone, purse, remote control?  Fear no more, Tile is here! Tile is a Bluetooth piece of technology that will assist you in finding your lostTile items in seconds. Just attach it to your elusive item and track it via the Tile app (Apple or Android). This is great technology for those experiencing memory barriers, or simply to remember commonly misplaced items. Attach it to the equipment of your choice, and when lost, use the app to activate Tile, which makes a beeping sound. Or, use the tracking feature to see how far away your item is while you search for it. But, lost your phone?!?! Double-tap the button on the Tile activating an alarm on your phone – even when it’s silenced! Here is a wonderful video explaining the benefits of Tile.


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