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Make Some Music with Assistive Technology!

Adorable Baby Wearing HeadphonesAssistive Technology (AT) is found in every realm on life, including music! Every person, including those with disabilities, should be given an opportunity to explore and find what music makes them groove!

In this blog check out a few of my favorite pieces of AT for creating or playing music. Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list, rather a starting place for exploring AT for music.



There is a vast world of apps for making music. Below are links to a few of my favorites. I’ve only included apps that replicate an instrument, but there is a world of music editing apps too. These apps can be great for individuals who are new to music, those with physical disabilities, people with low vision and blindness, and so many more. Plus, these apps are lots of fun to play with!

Drum Kit

EchoString Lite

Virtuoso Piano Free 3

Pocket Guitar

Jug Band



All of these devices can be activated with a switch. They teach people, usually children with physical disabilities, cause and effect, the basics of switch operation, and a love of music!



Ring Around Bells



These players are all adaptive in some way. They all make controlling a music player easier.

Suction Speaker (Switch Adapted)

Simple Music Player (Designed for people with dementia)

Low Vision Large Dial AM-FM Table Radio (Designed for people with low vision.)



These instruments come ready to be adapted to the user’s unique needs. They are all digitally based and require a computer for programming and operation.


TouchPad Music Controller

Makey Makey



Here are a few examples of how people with disabilities crafted AT to help them create music. These are not commercially available devices and products, but they are creative examples of AT solutions.

Programming Expression | An Expressive Musical Instrument

Grad Student Develops Adaptive 3D Printed Trumpet Device For Ten-Year-Old Boy Missing Fingers

The Orchestra You Paint Then Play


Enjoy and go make some music!


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