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Meet Lucy….A Keyboard That Can Change Lives

A woman named Janine with cerebral palsy created: “Lucy,” an efficient hands free keyboard especially designed for individuals without hand function.  It’s operated with a small laser lamp beam pointed at the keyboard’s letters for a short, adjustable time.  The user can activate it without the need to push anything.  The laser is mounted on glasses or a headband.  It’s handled by head movement, but individuals with limited, but some hand function, can use it manually too. The user needs to move his/her head only a couple of centimeters to the left, right, up, down.  The head control doesn’t need to be perfect.  The keys are large.  Even those with slight head or hand tremors can do it.   Individuals with disabilities similar to Janine’s can be on the computer with reduced fatigue, by using Lucy.  Janine’s business motto:  “If you can’t use your hands, be smart, use your head!” says it all!



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