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Coolest Thing Ever! A Fully Inclusive Amusement Park and Splash Park

A favorite summer activity for young and old is going to an amusement or water park.  But for someone with a disability, these parks are only partially accessible.  Gordon Hartman, whose daughter has special needs, recognized the limitations of parks and decided to design a place for everyone to enjoy.  His daughter Morgan was the inspiration for Morgan’s Wonderland which opened in 2010 near San Antonio, Texas.  This year they also added a waterpark, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, which is also fully accessible.


Logo for Morgan's Wonderland

Logo for Morgan’s Wonderland

A few things I love about this place:

  • Anyone with a disability can get into the park for free.
  • The park is for everyone! It is not only for those with disabilities but for anyone; it is a “park of inclusion.”
  • Morgan’s Inspiration Island has several splash pads, a riverboat ride, and support facilities.
  • The splash park has specially designed waterproof wheelchairs of various heights and sizes to use at no cost.
  • In Morgan’s Inspiration Island there are seven accessible changing rooms with adult-sized changing tables (two rooms are equipped with Hoyer lifts) and four (typical) changing rooms for those who do not need assistance while changing clothes.
  • Morgan’s Wonderland has attractions such as a butterfly playground, sand play area, music garden, swings for everyone, Ferris wheel, carousel, express train, fishing lake, performances with park characters, and more.
  • Everyone gets a GPS Adventure Band which is an RFID Technology wristband locator used to instantly capture park memories and photos and safely track your group as they explore the park.
  • In a TEDx Talk Gordon Hartman, Morgan’s dad and founder of these parks, explained how “You Only Are Disabled in an Environment that Makes You That Way.”

I was overwhelmed when I was on the website at all the accommodations at the parks; there are just too many to name.  I guess you have to see it to believe it.  Maybe we should all take a trip to San Antonio.  Last one there is a rotten egg.

You just have to go to their website (http://www.morganswonderland.com/) to take it all in.

Little girl playing in the splash pool

Little girl playing in the splash pool









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