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MotionSavvy UNI: Changing the Way those who are Deaf and those who Hear Communicate


Sign language is a rich, complete, and complex form of communication used by those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Until recently, without the use of an interpreter, those who use sign language for their every-day mode of communication had no way of translating it into speech during conversations with those who don’t use sign language. Instead, individuals commonly communicate through written word via a pen and paper, typing, or texting. Although written word gets the job done, it is time consuming and takes a lot of energy.

A bright group of young professionals and students decided to tackle this problem head on. They created MotionSavvy UNI which, simply put, “… translates sign language into audio and spoken word to text, finally empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to lead full lives and boundless careers.” How is this achieved? Through, “… a two-way communication device designed to help the deaf and those who can hear communicate with each other. UNI is a small, portable, and elegant mobile device that tracks your hands in live-time, and translates your signs to spoken English.”

Play the video below for a brief demonstration.


Where Can I Learn More About MotionSavvy UNI?

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