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ND School for the Blind Foundation Announces Grant Program

The North Dakota School for the Blind Foundation has announced a grant program, especially designed to help meet the needs of students and adults with visual impairments.  Ten or more grants, each one ranging from $25 up to $500, will be awarded to Infants through Grade 12 students.  Two or more grants, each ranging from $25 up to $500, will be awarded to adults with visual impairments.

Eligible recipients are North Dakota residents who have a visual impairment.  Criteria:  20/70 vision corrected, or a restricted field of vision.  Parents, teachers, vision consultants, principals of students with visual impairments, and adults who are visually impaired are encouraged to submit proposals. Items required by a student’s Individual Education Program, items required by other agencies, or training for individuals working with students cannot be funded.

Deadline for submitting proposals is January 20, 2017.

Mail inquiries and proposals to:

Proposal Screening Committee

North Dakota School for the Blind Foundation

500 Stanford Road

Grand Forks, ND  58203

The North Dakota School for the Blind Foundation is a non-profit organization funded entirely by donations. The Foundation supports and works closely with North Dakota Vision Services/ School for the Blind, but it is a separate and distinct organization.

This could be a viable source of funding for individuals with visual impairment who meet the criteria.





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