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North Dakota Talent Producing AT Solutions

NDAssistive has entered into a partnership with the NDSU and UND schools of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering to design assistive technology devices for our consumers, that aren’t available in the open market.  A senior design team at UND is currently working on a reacher/grabber that will meet the specific needs of a current ND high school consumer, whose physical disability warrants specialized features, that aren’t presently available.  Once the prototype is completed, the consumer will have the chance to experiment with it, to see if the features match his needs.

Once the product is finalized we will move to the marketing stage.  This isn’t just an example of a partnership that uses ND talent to solve ND challenges, it can eventually make AT available for everyone.

Our teams at NDSU and UND are also working on adapting a popular medicine management system, to include specialized remote monitoring features, that can not only track the users’ behavior, but also prevent medications from getting into the wrong hands.

We are planning a Spring “Showcase” which will allow the students to demonstrate the products they have developed, and how they make a positive impact in the lives of the individuals they were designed for.

Check out the possible relationships that can be formed between your state’s AT program, and local colleges and universities.  Use the young talent you have in your area, to benefit the individuals with disabilities in your state!




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