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New Adaptive Mouse: The AdMouse!

Computer/tablet access can be difficult for people with Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, arthritis, and other physical disabilities, so at IPAT we are always looking for new and better assistive technologies to aid in this endeavor.  Recently we tried the AdMouse, a plug’n’play mouse from Branco. This adapted pointing device allows one to perform all of the same […]

AT Happenings Slated for June

In an attempt to decrease the number of times IPAT staff hears, “How come I’ve never heard about you?” we will post a monthly blog noting where, when and who the IPAT staff will be connecting with each month. We hope this serves as a reminder for you to reconnect with us, or serves as a springboard to have you […]

Light Your World

Over the years, household lighting has been rather generic and conventional – the standard 60W lamp bulb, recessed lighting, and motion lights. Many lighting options literally depend on the use of mobility and dexterity. As you look around your home or office, would the lighting controls be readily accessible for a person in a wheelchair, […]

Hit the Road Safely with Assistive Technology

Summer is fast approaching, and many of us are planning a get-away or two. With our North Dakota roads in good driving condition and sunlight lasting late into the evening, wanderlust calls. But before heading out, remember everyone has aged since last summer, and age-related changes may have impacted the ability of some to drive as safely. Thankfully there are a number of assistive technology (AT) […]

New iPad and Mobile Device Mounts Available for Rent from IPAT: Part 3

My last two posts discussed four different mounts that we have available for rent here at IPAT.  Here is a Mount Comparison Chart to make choosing one a little easier. If you would like to rent one, please call 1-800-895-4728 or go to IPAT’s AT4ALL website. Mounts Part 1 Mounts Part 2

Video Magnifiers – Now with OCR!

Video magnifier, CCTV, or desktop digital magnifier – whatever you want to call this powerful tool for low vision, there is no doubt this assistive technology (AT) has helped countless numbers of individuals with low vision gain more independence in a number of tasks. (For this blog, I will refer to this AT as a video magnifier.) The first video magnifiers […]

Look Good with Zipper Ties

Tying a tie can be difficult for anyone, but mix in an acute injury or chronic condition and this task can be downright impossible. A zipper tie may be the solution to once again add that final piece to your wardrobe! A zipper tie is identical to a regular tie with the look and feel. […]

The Best Web Browser for Seeing and Reading

It is no surprise – on average, people are spending more and more time online. The internet is used for leisure time activities at home, for an assortment of tasks at work, and for research and resources in education. To access this amazing tool, the internet user calls upon their web browser of choice. A web browser is […]

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs)

Scenario: You’re unwinding for the night and reading your favorite book before getting some nice, restful sleep. Suddenly, your cell phone makes an unusual sound compared to receiving a text or email. You reach over to investigate. To your surprise, your phone just alerted you to a tornado warning for your county! You quickly spring […]

New iPad and Mobile Device Mounts Available for Rent from IPAT: Part 2

Last month in Part One we talked about two mobile device mounts new to the IPAT equipment loan library, Modular Hose and the Latitude Mount. Here are two more mounting systems,equally as interesting, that can be attached to a bed, wheelchair or table. These are new to our IPAT Equipment Loan Library and available for rent […]

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