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P4P 2015 – We’ve Amped-Up the Competition!

  “Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P) is IPAT’s annual stationary bike event fundraiser. We host this event for the sole purpose of raising money to purchase assistive technology (AT) devices and services for people residing in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.” During the 2015 event, the same cycling, music, and fun filled day includes changes in […]

Faucet Adaptation: It’s Not Rocket-Science, But it Works!

Years ago, I was working in Virginia with a young man who after an accident, returned to his family home as a wheel-chair user. The family had done various home modifications in preparation for his return, but overlooked the placement of the tap on his bathroom sink. It was set too far back for him […]

KNFB Reader App: Old Idea…New, Improved and Cheaper Platform

For people who are blind and use portable, capture-read software, there is a new kid in town, and he may look a little familiar. The KNFB Reader app for iOS, released in September 2014, does everything his big brothers did (i.e. such as the K-Reader Mobile), but he does it on mobile Apple devices such as the […]

Break the Silence, Help Make IPAT the Worst Kept Secret!

It never fails, regardless of where I go to talk about IPAT someone always asks, “How come I’ve never heard about you?” We would love to eliminate that phrase, and invite you to be part of making that happen. How can you help IPAT become the worst kept secret? Look at your calendar, do you […]

IPAT is Hiring, Interested?

Do you love a challenge, working with people, technology, and solving problems for others? If you answered yes, working for IPAT could be a great fit for you. And, as luck would have it, an opportunity to join our staff is currently available! We are looking for a full-time assistive technology specialist in our Bismarck […]

Speak Selection, Speak Screen, and VoiceOver – What’s the Difference?

  iOS built in accessibility features open doors of possibilities for individuals with low vision or blindness so that they can easily use their iPhone, iPod, or iPad. I’ve explored what the Zoom accessibility feature offers in my blog, “What’s New to Zoom in iOS 8?” Today, I’d like to explore three more accessibility features for […]

Traumatic Brain Injury and Smart Phones: No 4G or WiFi needed!

Smartphones with apps to compensate for memory loss are great tools for some people with traumatic brain injury.  However, some people who may be candidates for mobile devices and apps, may not be quite ready for a fully connected smartphone for many reasons such as they cannot afford the monthly fee or they may not have the skills […]

Have Multiple Sclerosis and Need Funding for Assistive Technology?

When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and finding funding for needed assistive technology (AT), it has been my experience that the MS Society is an often overlooked funding source.   According to the Upper Midwest MS Society webpage (which is the chapter that serves ND, MN, SD, Iowa and several counties in western Wisconsin […]

With this Ring . . . I Thee Mouse!

For adults experiencing tremors or arthritis, using a standard mouse can be difficult. I received a call from an older gentleman who was having just such difficulties due to Parkinson’s disease. He wanted to continue using his mouse to point and click, but needed a way to contain the tremor in his fingers to do […]

Text-to-Speech with ClaroSpeak

The availability of text-to-speech apps has become one of the areas that is increasingly popular with app developers. There is a reason for that. The applications for this type of tool can be helpful for a variety of reasons, e.g. learning disability, vision loss, communication needs. The recently updated ClaroSpeak is another option provided by […]

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