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Rescued by the Push of a Button

I would like to share a story with you that was told to me. This story highlights the power of assistive technology; and it may make you laugh out loud as you read and envision it. “My name is Paul, and I live by myself in an apartment in North Dakota. I have neuropathy due […]

Another IPAT AT Funding Avenue

Have you been trying to find funding for assistive technology such as a roll-in shower, a stair lift, or a modified van? Have you tried to apply for a financial loan in the past and been turned down?  IPAT’s new Assistive Technology Financial Loan (ATFL) program just might be what you’ve been looking for! The […]

Turn your iPad into a high-end video magnifier for under $90

Desktop video magnifiers are one of the great assistive technology solutions for those with a vision impairment. The price for these devices can be cost prohibitive in that they usually start at upwards of $2000. The iPad has opened the door for many individuals to have a powerful magnifying device that is also portable. I’m […]

Needs First, Technology Second

With all of the new, exciting gadgets being developed every day, in this fast-paced “technoworld,” it is so easy to jump and purchase before you really know if you need it or if it will be useful in your life. If you took a second to think about what you really needed and wanted before […]

Is Dragon the best option for Assistive Technology?

Dragon Naturally Speaking has become a mainstream software application for computer use. In the beginning it was targeted to physicians to be able to transcribe notes in an efficient manner so others could read it and also have it in an electronic format. Today Dragon is marketed to the mass public as a way to […]

Drive Longer, Drive Safer

Americans love their cars and the freedom they represent. We think nothing of hopping in the car to visit friends and family, keep appointments and run errands. Sadly, as we age or experience disability our freedom to drive and/or ride safely is often compromised as capacities change. One way to compensate for changing abilities is […]

Have you “Scene” the Great Apps for Communication?

Visual scene layouts can be great tools for some children and adults with communication difficulties such as autism, traumatic brain injury, and intellectual disabilities.  A photo of one’s own kitchen, for example, with photos of food the person eats and the very oven that bakes the cookies the person adores, can be more meaningful and […]

Use the CapTel phone to SEE what friends and family are saying

Communicating with friends and family is an important part of life. For individuals who have a hearing impairment, communication on the phone can be discouraging, and for those with a significant hearing loss a traditional phone may not work at all. The CapTel phone by Ultratec, Inc. provides a way for individuals to read what […]

Autism? Find the Right App for That!

Did you know that 1 in 88 children in the United States is identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? For this 1% of the population apps for tablets and i-devices have become a great go-to tool because of their availability, portability, ease of operation, price, and immediacy. Not only have they become a popular […]

Can NFC Tags Help with Memory & Attention Difficulties?

Do you forget to turn your phone to vibrate when you get to work, text a loved one when you leave the office, or turn the wi-fi on so you do not go over the data limit? Maybe you remembered at first, but once you unlocked your phone and saw the bright shiny lights, you […]

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