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P4P Tax Break

Contributing to IPAT’s Pedaling for Possibilities fundraising event helps ensure that more individuals who need assistive technology devices, but can’t afford them, get the support they genuinely need. Beyond the realization that your contribution has made a significant difference in someone’s life, did you know that there are other related benefits to having made this […]

Is there a Portable, Affordable Option for Text-to-Speech for Someone with a Reading Disability?

A few years back a gentleman with a reading disability came to IPAT, needing some way to read the manuals, parts boxes, forms and signage in the shop where he was going to work after graduating from college.  He was already making use of  text-to-speech (TTS) technology with a computer, software, and scanner to read […]

Need a Medication Reminder?

“Is there something out there that would help my (mother, grandpa, son, friend) remember to take their medication? ”  This is a question that IPAT staff fields frequently, and thankfully our response is a resounding YES.  One of our go-to devices is the MedReady. We like it for a variety of reasons; it is easy […]

The Replacements? Apps vs. Dedicated Talking Identifiers for Vision Loss

In our IPAT Centers, we have dedicated talking identifiers for money, colors, and UPC barcodes that can help people with vision loss that, for the most part, work extremely well. However, these devices basically do one thing, cost between $140-$1300, and are definitely not “ pocket-able”, especially if you need to carry around more than one.  Tool […]

Bathtub Water Level Alarms

Bathtub and shower safety is a major concern for older adults. Numerous studies have shown that many independently bathing older adults without cognitive impairments do have trouble or are unsafe getting into and out of the tub or shower stall. Add in the dimension of dementia and the opportunity for bathroom accidents beyond just falls […]

Control an Android Tablet With Your Head

AT for computer access boils down to an individual unable to use a standard mouse or keyboard to interact and manipulate the computer interface. There can be many reasons for this, an accident, a repetitive stress injury, or an acquired disease to name a few. There are many ways to provide an alternate means of […]

Text-to-speech for iOS….Pinned!

I have to admit that out of all of the social media outlets available, Pinterest had not yet captured my interest (a saying that is probably cliché by now).  However, I was recently doing some research with Google on apps for reading with speech output and came across  Laura S. Enders’ Pinterest page for  Text to […]

Simple 911 Access Always

 Scenario one – you are in trouble. The power is out, your land line is down and your cell phone needs a charge, how are you going to call 911? Scenario two – your parents are aging, living alone, and get confused using a standard cell phone. How can they quickly get help in the […]

AT Quips

  Working within the assistive technology industry can often times be pretty serious business. Stepping back and looking for some humor in what happens day-to-day can make the workload lighter. Below are a few pictures and cartoons I’ve found that are bound to make you chuckle!                   […]

Comparing Communication Apps Made Simple

The explosion of  applications to help people without a voice communicate using an iPhone or iPad can leave you feeling shell-shocked. To help you get a handle on the multitude of apps and move you toward systematically selecting the right AAC application, Jane Farrell has created a comprehensive AAC app comparison chart. She does a […]

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