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99-year-old woman uses technology to continue living in her own home

I recently had the opportunity to work with “Mary” and her caregiver to talk about ways for her to stay safe at home. Mary has a hearing loss and her caregiver mentioned that she was not answering phone calls or hearing when people were at the front door. Mary was willing to explore options as […]

Lesson Learned

A while back, a man, who was having trouble capturing important information during meetings, visited IPAT for a solution.  After discussion and demonstration of a few devices, we decided on trial of a Live Scribe Echo SmartPen from the IPAT Equipment Loan Library.  This small pen captures the audio and ties it to written notes on special […]

Practical Guides for a Lifetime of Assistive Technology Use

Peggy S. Shireley   Need assistive technology (AT) information? We can help you with that. IPAT has developed 10 practical guides that highlight the use of AT from early childhood through late retirement. Within these guides, we have taken the mystery out of selecting and obtaining AT, given you information from which you can pose […]

Android vs Apple — What’s the right choice for assistive technology?

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets into the field of assistive technology (AT) there has been a quiet war being waged; which operating system is the best to use for AT? Apple iOS has been dominant in the field of AT for its variety of uses. From communication  (Proloqou2Go , Assistive Chat) and vision […]

Bought an iPad, Now What?

iPads have taken society by storm – they are portable, affordable, and have loads of apps available for download to help mainstream and disability sector users. For those new to the iPad world, check out “Quick and Easy Pointers to Get the Most Out of Your iPad” at the About.com Portable Electronics site  – then let […]

Having some hearing loss?

Assistive listening devices can  help those of you with hearing loss to hear better in situations where there is a lot of background noise, like at work, at school, or at home. They capture and process the sound before it reaches your ear to filter out disturbing background noise and enhance the incoming speech. Some […]

Using the Keypad as a Mouse

A variety of computer users have come to IPAT’s Technology Access Centers with an inability to use a standard mouse. The reasons have been many; shoulder pain when reaching to use a mouse, the reliable use of only one finger on one hand, lack of stamina over time to manipulate and click a mouse, and […]

A new slant on life.

A number of years ago IPAT realized that there were just way too many folks in the state that could benefit from assistive technology devices and were falling through the cracks of funding resources. About 2 years ago we were in a position as a fairly new non-profit organization to take action to address this […]

EmergencyLink provides a no cost way to be prepared for Emergencies

When dealing with older loved ones that are living in another state or just down the street you should be prepared for emergencies. Melanie Pinola at LifeHacker.com does an excellent job in talking about EmergencyLink and the peace of mind it can provide. Do you use a service or piece of technology to help your […]

Voting made easy.

The AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal (VAT) makes voting with privacy and independence  an option for all voters, and particularly those with disabilities. The AutoMARK  is an optical scan ballot marker primarily designed for use by people who are unable to personally mark an optical scan ballot due to physical impairments or language barriers. As a […]

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