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Simple 911 Access Always

Lifesaver Cell Phone Scenario one – you are in trouble. The power is out, your land line is down and your cell phone needs a charge, how are you going to call 911?

Scenario two – your parents are aging, living alone, and get confused using a standard cell phone. How can they quickly get help in the car, out in the garage, or from any room in the house?

There is a simple go-to alternative for both scenarios, the Lifesaver Emergency Cell phone. It has been designed to keep a charge for 15 years on a long-life Lithium battery, and has a call button prominently displayed to press for 911. No monthly fees, easily transported in a pocket or purse, and simple to operate – a great back-up for you, a straightforward, needed piece of assistive technology for your parents. Stocking-stuffer anyone?

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