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Text-to-Speech with ClaroSpeak

clarospeak pictureThe availability of text-to-speech apps has become one of the areas that is increasingly popular with app developers. There is a reason for that. The applications for this type of tool can be helpful for a variety of reasons, e.g. learning disability, vision loss, communication needs. The recently updated ClaroSpeak is another option provided by Claro Software.



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ClaroSpeak is a text-to-speech reader capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of computer generated voices. The ability to use the app in a variety of ways is what makes this app stand out. The first way a piece of text can be spoken is to take a picture of the text. The ClaroSpeak app then allows for a variety of editing options so the text recognition can be as successful as possible. The ability to crop, brighten and rotate the picture help with the character recognition. Uploading a document can take place through Dropbox for documents or pictures that are in the gallery with the ability to view previously processed files that have been automatically saved. Options for sending the file include email, messages, Facebook, and Twitter. Another nice feature is that the captured document can be processed into an audio file.

Take a look at the Claro Software introduction video and let us know what you think the best Text-to-Speech app out there is.


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