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The Assistive Technology Benefits of Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

Last year I purchased an LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset for myself, so I would not be tethered to my phoneLG Tone Pro Bluetooth Headphones when talking on calls, listening to audio books, and music. Since that day, I have discovered some great assistive technology benefits that may help people with brain injury, memory and attention issues, autism, hearing loss, and more.

Not Tethered to Your Phone

The main reason I purchased a wireless headset in the first place was because I would forget I was tethered to it with my wired headset, and the phone would go flying, or the headset would get ripped out of my ears when I got up from my chair.

Another benefit with a Bluetooth headset is that you can leave your phone in your purse, backpack or pocket and still control some functions of your smartphone such as answer/hangup the phone, control volume, pause/start music, and forward/backward the music tracks. Not only is this convenient, but it can help someone with a dexterity issues or someone who gets distracted every time they wake their phone.

For a student with attention issues or autism who is using music as a noise blocker, the phone/tablet could be kept with the teacher (as long as it is in Bluetooth range of approximately 30 feet), so the student is not distracted with the mobile device.

Vibrating Alert for Phone Calls

Many of us have to put our phones on vibrate for work, school, and other events, and then do not feel it when it rings.  For those of us who have our phones buried deep in our cavernous purses or backpacks, we may not even hear it with the sound on! The LG Tone Pro and some other Bluetooth headsets vibrate for incoming calls. I can promise you if you are wearing the LG Tone Pro when your phone rings, you will never miss another call again.  It is like a shock collar and actually vibrates on my neck and bounces on my collar-bone.  Very effective!

Vibrating Alert When Separated from your Phone

If you have a Bluetooth headset that vibrates when you get a call then chances are it may vibrate when you get separated from your phone.  Oh my gosh is this effective!  The LG Tone Pro vibrates with the same force as a call but with a different rhythm when I separate from my mobile device. It has saved me many times from leaving my phone at home, work or in a store!

Blocking Noise With or Without Music

I use music to block noise, so I can write and/or concentrate on work all the time.  This headset makes it easy and allows me to get up from my desk and walk around. The LG Tone Pro lasts up to 10 hours of play time.  Sometimes I will just block sound with the earpieces of the headset without even turning on the music.  It creates about a 20 dB loss and makes it so you do not hear all of those little noises.

Listening to Calls, Music and Audio Books in Stereo

The benefits of hearing music in stereo is obvious, it just plain sounds better and surrounds one in sound.  However, hearing a phone call and audio book in stereo can increase one’s understanding of what is being said.  You hear and understand better with both ears-period!  This can be great for people with hearing loss who are not using hearing aids, for people with cognitive loss, and other issues.

We will be getting some of these in the IPAT Equipment Loan Library in the next few months.  Please contact us at 1-800-895-4728 or ipatinfo@ndipat.org for more information.







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One Comment on “The Assistive Technology Benefits of Bluetooth Stereo Headsets”

  • Kylie Dotts July 31st, 2017 11:10 am

    I like how you said that a headset could help block out sound even if you aren’t playing music. This would be a really helpful benefit in a school headset because of the need to concentrate when doing assignments or taking tests. I wonder if there are any elementary or high schools that would allow their students to use them.