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The Wheel for the Apps Goes Round and Round….

There are many iPad apps out there for Autism, but how does one know which ones to investigate for the common learning characteristics of individuals on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)?  When looking for apps for students with ASD, it’s important to consider all educational apps, and not just those labeled as Autism apps, but the ASD APP Wheel is a great place to begin.

Mark Coppin, the Assistive Technology Director at Anne Carlson Center, Jamestown, ND, developed a sampling of apps available for the common learning traits and characteristics that are typical for students with ASD.

Image of the Autism Wheel of apps

This ASD App Wheel format is based on the Pedagogy Wheel, designed by Allan Carrington, and modified by Cherie Pickering.

It is designed to give users a starting place and a rationale for choosing certain apps.  It contains Common Learning Characteristics and Traits, App Categories, and finally the Apps, which link directly to sites.  The live-links feature makes the investigation process so much easier.

If you don’t know where to begin looking, for iPad apps to help your child/student with ASD, get this wheel rolling!

Bird on Lego roller skates.

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