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TheraTryke Exercise!

TheraTrykeCruising down the road, you will see bicycles of all kinds. One proposed bike is designed specifically for people with MS, spinal cord injuries, or paraplegia. The TheraTryke is constructed in such a way that it can be used for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. Riders use their hands as the main source of power along with any additional support from their legs. And here’s a neat feature: Even if a 100% of the power is generated with the arms, the legs are still moving to gain positive benefits of exercising! This is great for those looking to stretch or exercise their legs with the goal of reducing spasms or muscle atrophy. Moreover, a feature is in development to lock the legs in case this motion is not desired. Similar bikes and exercise equipment can be found within the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website on the Accessible Bicycling page.

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