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This Guy…..Never Gives Up!

Collin Clarke from Evansville, Indiana, weighed 201 pounds, with 37% body fat in May, 2015.  He was 22 years old, and working behind the front desk at Bob’s Gym. It was about this time when Collin looked inside the gym’s multi-purpose studio and saw personal trainer Glenn Ubelhor going through his body-building posing routine in front of a mirror.   Ubelhor took Collin under his wing, and the rest is life-changing history!

After 6 months with Ubelhor, Collin entered a bodybuilding competition in Louisville, titled:  “Kentucky Muscle.” He wore only a pair of posing trunks, and weighed 137 pounds with 7.2% body fat.  Colin had transformed, physically and emotionally. Training had given him independence, confidence, focus and purpose.

Collin wants to inspire everyone to be healthy and happy.  He started a non-profit called Collination, which can provide fitness opportunities for people with special needs.  His goal is to go anywhere people want him, to share his inspiring story of transformation. Collin and his team are ready for personal speaking engagements and to help others develop programs for special needs individuals and groups.

Collin will be presenting at the Powerup Health Conference, September 22, 2017, at the Bismarck ND Event Center.

Collin is not just an inspiration to individuals with Down Syndrome, but an example to everyone, of what can be accomplished when you don’t give up!

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