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Use A Personal Sound Amplification Device WIRELESSLY!

Picture of Pocketalker, Pocketalker 2.0, Comfort Duett, and Bellman MINO.

Simply put, Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) amplify sounds to help people hear better. PSAPs are different from hearing aids because they amplify all sounds with little room for adjustment, whereas hearing aids are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. With that said PSAPs serve as an alternative when hearing aids are lost, damaged, or being repaired.

One of the largest draws to PSAPs is their cost. Compared to hearing aids, which are often $2,000 or more, PSAPs cost around $200 – $300. As a result of their low cost, PSAPs are great for people who are not ready to make the leap to hearing aids and/or cannot afford or are saving up for them.

One complaint about PSAPs are headset/earbud wires that can get in the way of the user’s everyday tasks. Another big complaint is that the wires  “reveal” that an individual has a hearing loss.

Trish with a scowl on her face because of the Comfort Duetts cords

Until recently, there hasn’t been a solution to this problem…

ClearSounds ClearTV Bluetooth Wireless TV Listening System

The ClearSounds ClearTV Bluetooth Wireless TV Listening System can make PSAPs like the Comfort Duett, Bellman Mino, and Pocketalker wireless!

Trish smiling holding the ClearSounds Bluetooth device

This device was designed to be plugged into a television or computer, but the standard 3.5 mm jack allows users to plug it into any device with a 3.5 mm auxiliary port – including PSAPs!

Trish plugging ClearSounds Bluetooth device into Comfort Duett

Trish with a smile on her face and thumbs up wearing the Comfort Duett and Clearsounds Bluetooth device with a wireless headset.

Users are not limited to the headset sold with the device. It will work with any Bluetooth headset or earbuds! This was the most delightful discovery when testing the device. It gives users the freedom to find earbuds they can “hide”.

Trish holding Clearsounds Bluetooth device with wireless earbuds.

Trish smiling wearing Comfort Duett ClearSounds Bluetooth device with earbuds that are hidden behind her hair.

In summary, use the ClearSounds ClearTV Bluetooth Wireless TV Listening System to enhance your everyday hearing on any device with a standard 3.5 mm auxiliary port or while using the PSAP of your choice!


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