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Vision & Hearing Services in MN/ND Highlighted on PPT’s Compass!

Bob Klade

Bob Klade using a Brailler-picture from 7-20-17 PPT Compass episode, Blind and Deaf Services.

On the July 20, 2017, episode of Pioneer Public TV’s, Compass, two informative segments were shown that focused on services for people with hearing and vision loss in ND and MN. “Compass is a weekly discussion of public policy and important issues facing local communities in Pioneer’s viewing area.” Many of our blog readers are in this area, so we thought it would be good to share this episode (with permission from reporter Laura Kay Prosser), so more people will have the knowledge of these wonderful services available in their own backyards and maybe know more about assistive technology before they need it!

Bob Klade and Ken Dockter

Bob Klade and Ken Dockter-picture from 7-20-17 PPT Compass Episode, Blind and Deaf Services.

The first segment features Bob Klade, a Minnesotan who is blind and has a severe hearing loss, and Ken Dockter, a staff member from the ND Vision Services/School for the Blind (NDVSB). Mr. Klade shares his experience with having a newly acquired dual sensory loss, and how Ken and NDVSB made a huge difference in his life.

Panel Discussion 7-20-17-picture from PPT Compass Episode, Blind and Deaf Services.

Panel Discussion-picture from 7-20-17 PPT Compass Episode, Blind and Deaf Services.

The second segment is a panel discussion with Sara Kreiling (MN DHS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Specialist) and Jon Benson (DEED Deputy Director of Program Services). They discuss the importance and availability of services for people with disabilities in Greater Minnesota. During this portion, Mr. Benson refers to these services as “Minnesota’s Best Kept Secret”, a concept that we here at Assistive can relate to in ND and MN on a daily basis.

The entire show is available on their website.

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