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Vocational Rehabilitation for AT

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The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is a public service financed by federal and state funds. The aim of DVR is to help people with disabilities find employment and achieve self-sufficiency. DVR can fund assistive technology (AT) devices and services for individual clients. Typically, DVR funding is used to purchase AT when a client exhibits a functional need that can be compensated for through the use of AT. This client-specific AT purchase increases the likelihood of success in training or employment environments for the individual.

When receiving DVR services, an employment plan is created for each client. This plan becomes the medium for identifying needed AT devices and services. During the drafting of the employment plan, clients and counselors share information about current technology options, and identify needed AT devices and services on the plan.

To receive DVR employment services, you must meet eligibility requirements. There are 8 DVR offices in North Dakota, one located in each of the North Dakota regional human service centers; to find the one nearest you call 1-800-755-2745 or visit their website at ND DVR. To find the Vocational Rehabilitation office in your state visit the US Department of Education website.

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