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Zoom in on This New Low Vision App

Ever struggled to read on your smartphone/tablet because of your sight? If you’re suffering from an eye disease such as macular degeneration or glaucoma or just having trouble to read those tiny characters on your device then ClariaZoom may be for you. ClariaZoom makes your devices accessible and easy-to-read thanks to its big character interface, large keyboards and contrasted color themes.

ClariaZoom includes:
A home screen with big icons
A suite of 20+ apps with big characters
ClariaZoom Plus, a simple button to enlarge texts in any Android app and choose between four contrasted color themes   or activating speech at any time(outside ClariaZoom app)
Bigger and contrasted keyboard

ClariaZoom is now free forever. All previous subscriptions have been cancelled so that users don’t have to pay anymore.
This decision follows the permanent closure of the Claria company. There will be no more updates in the future. Something to keep in mind before installing.  It still may be just the right fit for you and your low vision smart phone/tablet needs.

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